Wednesday, 28 July 2010

August Issue out now!

Here you, are, the very first issue of the Autonomist - available in non-copyrighted, printable and distributable PDF for those of you who want to do our work for us, or plain-text, no-layout online version for those of you who want to ignore all the work we've already done...

Autonomist August 2010 (pdf)

The Factory Opens its Doors

On the 7th August The Factory, Bristol's latest squatted social centre, will be opening it's doors to members of the public for their second Open Day. Following on from the success of the previous Open Day on 8th May (which saw such interesting events as; a vegan cake stall, free fruit and veg market, slide shows, tours of the building and spooky tours of the basement) this month's event will include; a donations based café, cinema room screening various political films, games in Portland Square and even the possibility of live acoustic artists!

The Factory was occupied by a group of people earlier this year looking to create a free and open space for the community. Since it has opened it has hosted such events as film nights, workshops, cafés, discussion group, meetings and lots of other things! The Factory relies on your participation to survive, and if you have an idea or project you'd like to see take place then come along to the Open Meetings every Thursday at 7PM.


Monogamy Kills

Recent events in Easton serve to highlight the human costs of abusive relationship models. In a dispute involving an alleged affair, a young man was fatally stabbed. One life is over, another is likely to be spent in prison, and one has almost certainly been turned upside-down by the sudden loss of two lovers at each others' hands.

The anger and pain that caused this tragedy stems from monogamy: the idea that a human can – and should – be owned, controlled, and monopolised by another. When this ideal runs afoul of the reality that it is neither healthy nor possible for one person to provide for all of another's needs, events like this become inevitable.


13 people from Bristol and Bath Rising Tide are due to be sentenced on friday the 13th for blockading a coal train. All 13 have been found guilty of a lesser charge than that originally brought. 5 others were acquitted.


An anti-patriarchy group has been set up in Bristol. Although aimed at men, it welcomes all genders – see the back for meeting details.


The Smiling Chair Library has seen off an underhanded eviction attempt, and is looking for people to help with occupation and staffing. Get down to their weekly meeting if you're interested.


Calais Migrant Solidarity have taken a vanload of essential supplies over to Calais. The supplies, including blankets and tents, were largely sourced from stuff abandoned at Glasto by wannabe hippies.


A Radical Reading Group has been set up at the Factory. They'll be reading and discussing a zine every fortnight. All are welcome – drop in at the factory for the latest zine.


People living near the former site of the Bristol Eco-Village have formed a community group to purchase and use the land for a similar project. The Eco-Villagers themselves are rumoured to be preparing to take a new site soon.

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