Thursday, 28 October 2010

November Issue Out Now

Autonomist November 2010 (pdf)


Police Attack Local Anti-Cuts Demo

Around 800 protesters marched through Bristol city centre on October 23rd to voice their anger at the government’s cuts to services and welfare and their attack on the working classes. Many trade unions were represented along with community groups and an anarchist contingent.
There were a large number of cops, and as soon as the demo left the park the police tried to snatch an anti cuts banner in the anarchist bloc. Their attempt failed as marchers hung on and pushed the cops away. A second attempt to take the banner was more violent, injuring some protestors.

At College Green the Police attempted to film individual marchers - a common tactic used to gather evidence of political involvement and harrass acitivists. When people blocked the filming, mounted police were sent in. Many of the protesters split from the main rally to help, and the cops were forced back.

Bristol Council are embarking on a programme of cuts to local services to meet government demands for savings. Jobs are being cut in many departments, planned social care homes have been abandoned, and the price of school dinners is going up. Meanwhile all the mainstream media seem to care about is the loss of child benefit by those poor few who somehow manage to earn more than £40,000 a year.


End Violence Against Women Week Exhibition

A variety of bristolian organisation are holding events between the 22nd and 26th of November for End Violence Against Women Week. The events aim to increase awareness and visibility of the prevalence of gender-based violence, which the UN estimates affects around 70% of women.

Bristol Feminist Network are putting on an exhibiton of art and writing by survivors of domestic violence. Exhibition organiser Jan Martin says "The idea behind this project is to communicate the message emotionally, in words and images that are the direct experience of survivors. Hopefully it can encourage a change in attitudes from the ground up, and so bypass the need to persuade the politicians and policy makers."

Bristol Anarcha-Feminist Group meet at 8pm at the smiling chair every thurs.


The 28 Portland Square social centre has seen off an eviction attempt after a judge ruled that there was no immediate legal reason to evict. Further attempts are expected, but the occupants have vowed to keep the centre open as long as possible. "As the government presses ahead with cuts, the closure of council services to the poorest communities is inevitable, and self-run spaces such as this will become even more vital" one of the collective said.


Five vehicles left Bristol last month to join the Roads to Hope Convoy to Gaza. Travelling by road across northern Africa, the group of 11 will attempt to break the Israeli-imposed blockade of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. If they make it there without being shot by over-zealous Israeli soldiers, they will donate the vehicle's loads of medical and educational materials, plus the vehicles themselves, to local community groups.


The nuclear power station at Hinkley Point was blockaded by local activists in protest at Edf's plans to build 8 new nuclear plants throughout the country, including a new one at Hinkley. The activists, who were mainly from Bridgewater and the surrounding area, wore badger masks and used arm tubes to prevent their removal. The morning shift were unable to get to work for four hours until the people responsible for protecting us from horrific nuclear accidents remembered they had another gate.


Activists from Bristol and Bath Rising Tide dropped a banner reading 'Import Coal: Export Poverty' from Avonmouth bridge near Royal Portbury Docks as part of a global week of action for climate and environmental justice. The docks contains one of the largest coal import terminals in the UK. There are currently plans to build several new coal power stations in the UK, and 71% of coal used in Britain is imported. Tracy Jones from Rising Tide said “Coal extraction devastates communities, from villages destroyed by floods in Pakistan to landgrabs in Colombia.”

Friday, 22 October 2010

November Events Calendar

Things are looking up this month after last month's printing nightmares - here's the events and spaces calendar for the window of your autonomous space, the wall above your desk, or for flyposting over right-wing posters:

Autonomist Calendar November 2010 (pdf)

The paper itself is underway and hardcopies should be ready in time for the Free Vegan Food Fair on the 30th (Broadmead Baptist Church, near Tesco)

Friday, 1 October 2010

How Autonomous Is The Autonomist?

Head over to our latest post on Bristol Indymedia for what looks to be shaping up to be an interesting discussion...

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

October Issue Out Now

This won't be hitting the press for a couple days whilst we sort some ink out, but it's all here in PDF and text:

Autonomist October 2010 (pdf)

We've also done a 2-page A4 expanded directory, intended to be displayed at social centres and so on, but also useful if you like your roaching material to be a little more radical:

Autonomist Directory October 2010 (pdf)


Local Anger as Tesco Application Crawls On

“We never expected the council to stop Tesco today”, reads an anonymous communique sent to the Autonomist after the council planning decision on the 22nd September. “Even though the members of the planning committee clearly wanted to oppose the development, they are mere puppets of the system, helpless beneath the wheels of capitalism.”

By now you probably already know what happened - the applications by Tesco were tentatively approved, with conditions, and a letter will be sent to the government complaining about the intricities of the planning system. PRSC are calling for a judicial review, but the fact remains that the store has all the permission it needs to open - this is just about rearranging the deckchairs.

Local feelings have always run high about the chain moving into Stokes Croft. Earlier in the year the former Jesters Club, where the store will be built, was occupied by squatters and turned into a community social centre for several months until it was evicted in what was dubbed “The Battle of Stokes Coft”. Campaigners have vowed to keep fighting the development. “We do not need our leaders to save us,” concludes the communique, “for we are willing to take whatever action is needed to drive [them] out of our community.”



Local campaigners blocked the road entrance to Hinkley B nuclear power plant for an hour last weekend in protest against EDF's plans to build a new nuclear plant there. Despite not having received planning permission, EDF have begun preliminary works, trashing wildlife-rich fields and woodland and cementing over badger sets.

If it goes ahead, Hinkley C will be the first in a line of new plants across the country. Nuclear not only presents serious health risks and leaves us with centuries of radioactive waste, it also commits us to a centralised model of energy production, unlike wind and solar which can be produced locally. It's a dangerous distraction that diverts funds from clean energy.

Bristol-based activists from several different groups plan to campaign against the new plant and take direct action where necessary.


Disgraced former leader Tony Blair's planned book signing in Bristol was cancelled due to protests at other signings, a large anti-war demo outside the bookshop, and local activists sneakily moving copies of his book into the 'crime' section of the store.


The Natwest branch on Gloucester Road has had its windows smashed and paintbombs thrown inside one night in late september. The action was dedicated to imprisoned anarchists in Chile, whose government has strong financial links to RBS, owners of Natwest.


Residents in Ashton Vale have successfully had land near their homes declared a town green, protecting it from development into a football stadium. Meanwhile, Bristol council are planning to sell off more green space around the city, prompting a wave of petitions and complaints.


Taking its first tentative steps towards the Big Society, the council has cut funding to Connexions, who help young people find employment, by £2million, resulting in 55 more people looking for employment in the city.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

October Deadline

fast approaching! Get your news and events in ( by the 20th if you want them to be in the October edition.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Benefit Gig Friday 17th!

Those lovely folks at the Bastard Squad Collective are putting on a benefit gig for the Autonomist on friday 17th September. It's at the White Hart on Whitehall road. Doors open at 8pm, entry is £5. Playing are;

Future Ruins
(Devestating, bleak, dramatic swedish crust-core)

Murder of Crows
(Easton's sludgy d-beaters)

(Dynamic international noise-rock)

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

9/11 at Hamilton House...

Apologies to the fine folks at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair collective, whose article had to be cut this month so we could fit it all on one page. As a consolation, here's the full text:

September 11th 2010 – Start a War on the Tories!

As the fist of capitalism clenches tighter, the Labour party, who still have the audacity to label themselves as socialist, have been ousted and the Conservatives are back in Downing Street. The Liberal Democrats too, have shown their true colours by making a grab for power at any cost.

Deep cuts in services and spending and mass unemployment are inevitable to keep the ruling classes afloat, with threats to cut winter fuel allowances, child benefit and working tax credit to name but a few.

Anarchism is the only truly viable alternative to the present government, the Greens and the SWP cannot help you now. You can not afford to be apathetic any longer and we call on you to fight back. Arm yourself!

On September 11th in Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol Anarchist Bookfair collective along with Bristol Indymedia, Bristol Radical History Group and some 58 groups, campaigns book sellers and publishers offer you the tools for revolution.

50 tables of books, pamphlets, videos, CD's and merchandise, 27 hours of workshops, films and debates, live acoustic acts, vegan café, crèche, photography and art work and YOU!

Experience a true coalition, you only have to step through the door...

For information

September Issue Out Now!

Just in time for the start of the month, the september issue of the Autonomist is here! Download the PDF, or see below for the text-only version.

Autonomist September 2010 (pdf)

Police Violently Evict Squatters

Avon & Somerset Police showed that they have no understanding of the law when they illegally evicted squatters from 54 Fremantle Road. 20 police officers, mobile CCTV, 2 dog units, armed response units, helicopter, plain clothed officers and CID were present at the eviction.

They accused the occupiers of causing criminal damage to the property, using this as a reason to break down the door. This is despite them turning up at the premises on two separate occasions in the past and agreeing that this was a civil matter.

Occupiers resisted the illegal eviction with impromptu barricades, fire extinguishers and at one point a packet of frozen food to fend the fuckers off! After dismantling the door and most of the porch the officers entered the building to find it empty – most of the squatters being long gone by this point. Two occupants who had become trapped in the basement were later arrested at taser-point after the filth broke the window and forced entry.


The Rich At Play

The countryside is filled with death all year around, but as autumn arrives the killing will rise with the start of the shooting season and the more notorious fox hunting season. From early September Fox Hunts will be out across the country at first light, training the new hounds of their pack by setting them on fox cubs to be ripped apart. Then from the 1st of November the main killing season starts. Fox Hunting may be illegal at present but that doesn't stop them, just as laws against us stopping them killing will never stop us.

Stepping in and saving animals' lives by Hunt Sabbing can be just as much about fighting a class war against the ruling class as it is about saving wildlife from being ripped apart in the name of sport. Knowing that you have saved an animal from being ripped apart is a great feeling as is knowing that you've ruined the day of the ruling class scum.

See the back for contact details to get involved.


The 13 members of Bristol & Bath Rising Tide who blockaded the train line out of Foss-y-Fran opencast coal mine have been granted conditional discharges. They're also banned from the area of the mine, but this may be challenged in the court of appeal.


The offices of G4S were attacked on the evening of Wednesday 11th August. Their plaque was removed and the intercom was left hanging from the wall by 5ft of wire. The growth of the security industry was cited as the reason for the action.


Also in the firing line this month cleaning firm MITIE. 43 windows were smashed at their national headquarters at Emersons Green.

Two vehicles were attacked in Staple Hill and Lockleaze for the same reason. The actions were claimed in solidarity with workers who have been mistreated by MITIE.


EdF have begun work at the 400-acre Hinkley site, even before they get planning permission to build two giant reactors. The “preparatory works”will include removal of the majority of trees, hedges and habitats, including ancient woodlands, stripping topsoil and vegetation to make a terraced area for the proposed reactors, and the demolition of three historic agricultural barns.


Local people turned up outside Crown Prosecution Service to show solidarity with the family of Ian Tomlinson, who was murdered by the police during the G20 demonstrations in 2009. The CPS had recently decided not to press charges against the officer filmed striking the fatal blow.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

September Deadline Approaching

The submission deadline for the september issue of the Autonomist is this friday, the 20th August. We might still accept stuff we receive after that, especially if we're behing schedule too, but we'll grumble while we do so.

As well as events, groups, and spaces, we're after short updates on what's been going on to compress into our single-paragraph newsbites, plus two larger articles. These should be around 200 words long.

Articles can be emailed to us at

Monday, 2 August 2010

Autonomist Issue 1 Version 2...

Seems the Monogamy article from the first issue was getting a very negative reception, so we've replaced it with one about Noah's Ark Zoo Farm for the print run.

Autonomist August 2010 Print Version (PDF)

And here's the new article for those of you who're allergic to PDF:

Activists “Determined to Close” Noah's Ark Zoo

On Monday 26th July, three members of BARC attended Noah's Ark Zoo Farm for a tour of the zoo. In an attempt to win over the protestors, who have been staging regular pickets of the zoo over the treatment of the animals inside, the small group were shown around half of the site.

The activists described themselves as “distressed and saddened” by what they saw. During the visit they witnessed vultures injuring themselves by” flying repeatedly into the walls and roof of [the] aviary”.

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm have recently gained notoriety after reports of the mistreatment of their animals, including rare tigers, caused inspectors to review their license. They have also come under fire for their promotion of Creationism – which hasn't stopped them recently winning an award from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. It's an odd world...

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

August Issue out now!

Here you, are, the very first issue of the Autonomist - available in non-copyrighted, printable and distributable PDF for those of you who want to do our work for us, or plain-text, no-layout online version for those of you who want to ignore all the work we've already done...

Autonomist August 2010 (pdf)

The Factory Opens its Doors

On the 7th August The Factory, Bristol's latest squatted social centre, will be opening it's doors to members of the public for their second Open Day. Following on from the success of the previous Open Day on 8th May (which saw such interesting events as; a vegan cake stall, free fruit and veg market, slide shows, tours of the building and spooky tours of the basement) this month's event will include; a donations based café, cinema room screening various political films, games in Portland Square and even the possibility of live acoustic artists!

The Factory was occupied by a group of people earlier this year looking to create a free and open space for the community. Since it has opened it has hosted such events as film nights, workshops, cafés, discussion group, meetings and lots of other things! The Factory relies on your participation to survive, and if you have an idea or project you'd like to see take place then come along to the Open Meetings every Thursday at 7PM.


Monogamy Kills

Recent events in Easton serve to highlight the human costs of abusive relationship models. In a dispute involving an alleged affair, a young man was fatally stabbed. One life is over, another is likely to be spent in prison, and one has almost certainly been turned upside-down by the sudden loss of two lovers at each others' hands.

The anger and pain that caused this tragedy stems from monogamy: the idea that a human can – and should – be owned, controlled, and monopolised by another. When this ideal runs afoul of the reality that it is neither healthy nor possible for one person to provide for all of another's needs, events like this become inevitable.


13 people from Bristol and Bath Rising Tide are due to be sentenced on friday the 13th for blockading a coal train. All 13 have been found guilty of a lesser charge than that originally brought. 5 others were acquitted.


An anti-patriarchy group has been set up in Bristol. Although aimed at men, it welcomes all genders – see the back for meeting details.


The Smiling Chair Library has seen off an underhanded eviction attempt, and is looking for people to help with occupation and staffing. Get down to their weekly meeting if you're interested.


Calais Migrant Solidarity have taken a vanload of essential supplies over to Calais. The supplies, including blankets and tents, were largely sourced from stuff abandoned at Glasto by wannabe hippies.


A Radical Reading Group has been set up at the Factory. They'll be reading and discussing a zine every fortnight. All are welcome – drop in at the factory for the latest zine.


People living near the former site of the Bristol Eco-Village have formed a community group to purchase and use the land for a similar project. The Eco-Villagers themselves are rumoured to be preparing to take a new site soon.

The Autonomist Needs an A3 Printer!

Just finished arranging the content for issue 1, and sadly had to lose a lot of it to fit on two sides of A4. The obvious solution is for everybody to stop doing so much stuff, but otherwise we may make a move to four pages as soon as we can find a cheap way of doing so. If you happen to know one, get in touch.

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Autonomist needs YOU!

...and your friends. And specifically information about what you're doing. If you're part of a radical group or space, drop us a line to be included in our directory. If you're putting on an event, let us know so that we can advertise is in our events listing. Or if something's happened lately in your campaign, let us know so we can add it to the news section.