Tuesday, 31 August 2010

9/11 at Hamilton House...

Apologies to the fine folks at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair collective, whose article had to be cut this month so we could fit it all on one page. As a consolation, here's the full text:

September 11th 2010 – Start a War on the Tories!

As the fist of capitalism clenches tighter, the Labour party, who still have the audacity to label themselves as socialist, have been ousted and the Conservatives are back in Downing Street. The Liberal Democrats too, have shown their true colours by making a grab for power at any cost.

Deep cuts in services and spending and mass unemployment are inevitable to keep the ruling classes afloat, with threats to cut winter fuel allowances, child benefit and working tax credit to name but a few.

Anarchism is the only truly viable alternative to the present government, the Greens and the SWP cannot help you now. You can not afford to be apathetic any longer and we call on you to fight back. Arm yourself!

On September 11th in Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol Anarchist Bookfair collective along with Bristol Indymedia, Bristol Radical History Group and some 58 groups, campaigns book sellers and publishers offer you the tools for revolution.

50 tables of books, pamphlets, videos, CD's and merchandise, 27 hours of workshops, films and debates, live acoustic acts, vegan café, crèche, photography and art work and YOU!

Experience a true coalition, you only have to step through the door...

For information www.bristolanarchistbookfair.org

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