Monday, 1 August 2011

August's Issue

Sadly, won't be happening due to other life commitments. And bailiffs. With sledgehammers. Probably hired by the Bath Bomb editorial collective using the last of their corporate funding before they officially merge with 1831 next week.

However, specially for our online readers, a brief glimpse at what you've missed:
- Freeshop Eviction: Now going for longer than the Paris Commune. National Eviction Team have pulled a no-show. Pop down for your weekly fix of free clothes with other people's prints on.
- Bristol Pride: Fun but vapid, with all analysis ruthlessly beaten out of it using Cabot Circus' chequebook. The usual distressing appearances by Pete Tatchell and Stonewall (now sponsored by EDF!)
- Immigration Advisory Service closure: This is really, really bad. To the point where hopefully we'll cover it next month despite it being so long ago.

We'll all be back for the September issue.

1 comment:

  1. We were very sorry to hear that the NUJ baliffs had been sent round via the evening post.
    We heard the official cause of 'substandard editing' was infact incidental and one corrupt daily mail(/northcliff media) official was quoted as saying 'we dont want any more competition for lie peddling, rumour spinning, poorly written news, the autonomist will have to go'.