Sunday, 4 September 2011

Taking a Break

As our sharper-eyed readers may have noticed, the promised September issue hasn't happened. We'd obviously love to blame this on the police - and having none of our equipment or files hasn't helped - but the fact is that we've been a very small, overworked group for quite a while now.

We'd love to keep producing the Autonomist, and we think it fills an important role in our community. Unfortunately we're also homeless, overworked, dealing with long-term health issues, and feeling very, very sorry for ourselves.

So if you think you can write cutting-edge articles on current events in 250 words or more, distribute newsletters to a street of shops near you, help collate event data from several dozen websites, or restore our faith in humanity, then please contact us at

We'll probably check it in a few weeks.

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  1. We've sent you an email.

    Awaiting your reply

    Gerald Cooper